Internationalize your business with confidence and knowledge

Internationalization. This term is being used a lot in Brazil these days, as many companies are looking abroad. But its meaning is not always the same, and this can generate doubts and misconceptions.
Thinking about helping business partners like you to realize if this is the right move for your business, Lucalex – a Toronto company with Brazilian roots  – will discuss in this newsletter the different types of Internationalization we have observed. Then, we’ll clarify some of the many reasons that make Canada currently the best place to do it.
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Brazil and Canada: Differences in the business environment

Most people believe that if they have the right business contacts, and the right resources (“how-to information”), then a successful business in Canada would follow. Sadly, evidence shows that success does not materialize in the vast majority of cases. But those few who do achieve success seem to navigate two sets of differences in the business environment. Today we will cover specifically the external aspects (outside the company) that make conducting business in Brazil very different from conducting business in Canada.

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False Positives

False positives make you think your assumption is correct when, in fact, it’s not.  Companies may believe that things are going well, and that they will be able to do business, but in many cases they are just looking at false positives. Read more