The success of your company in Canada

Toronto-based Lucalex was founded in 2012 to structure business opportunities for medium-sized companies between Brazil and Canada.

Since 2015, Lucalex has started the internationalization of 14 companies, finding paths that maximize the probability success of the Canadian operation of these companies.

A graduate of ITA (Brazil’s Aeronautics Institute of Technology), our founder, Marcelo Andrade has lived in Canada since 1999. He worked as a commercial banker for 10 years financing companies in Toronto, developing strong relationships with more than 150 medium-sized Canadian companies in different sectors.

In the next monthly emails, we will be distributing information essential to the success of Brazilian companies on their way to Canada. We would like to start by sharing three valuable materials prepared by Lucalex for free. You can also visit our website and understand more about our unique solutions.

If you know of a Brazilian company that is considering setting up presence in Canada, please forward this email to your contact. He/she will certainly be receiving useful information for this internationalization journey.

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