Toronto, Canada: Educated, Safe, Diverse and the Best Place to Live

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The benefits of expanding internationally in Canada go far beyond the economic return on investment. Canada is a great country, with high levels of education, a low crime rate, a healthy and diverse population, and is consistently ranked as a one of the best countries to live in.

Toronto is an ideal place to raise your kids, and taste some of the best food from around the world. After a night out in the town, you can safely stroll the streets at night as long as it is not the dead of winter, then you may want to walk faster! As the old Scandinavian saying goes: “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” So if you plan to move here, make sure you invest in a warm jacket!


Canada’s public education system is herald internationally and Ontario’s school system is ranked as one of the best in the world. Education is free in Canada until university or college, where fees are dramatically lower than the United States but quality is still high.

Canada has the highest level of post-secondary education than all other OECD nations. 53 per cent of Canadians have a degree from a college or university compared to the 32 per cent average in the OECD.

Low and declining crime rate

Canada has a low crime rate. Its murder rate is now the lowest since 1966 and crime statistics have been dropping for two decades. Statistics Canada, the country’s data keeper, point to several possible reasons including an aging population, changing policing practices and strategies, the rise of technology, shifts in unemployment, variations in alcohol consumption, neighbourhood characteristics, or changing attitudes towards illegal and risky behaviour.

Whatever the cause, Canada’s annual national murder rate is 1.44 victims per 1,000 people. Toronto, Canada’s largest city, is the third lowest of all Canadian metropolitan cities on the Police-reported Crime Severity Index, which measures the volume and severity of crime. The United States has 43 per cent more crime than Canada.


Toronto is the most diverse city in Canada with over half the city’s population born outside of the country. It is a city where over 100 language and dialects are spoken and you can find food from around the world.

Best place to live

In multiple rankings, Canada consistently either takes one of the top spots in terms of best places to live. In 2015, Canada was perceived by the rest of the world as being the best place to live in the world, according to a survey by the Reputation Institute.

In 2015, Toronto was ranked the best place to live in the world and the safest city in North America, according to Economist Intelligence Unit. In 2014, Toronto was ranked at the fourth best place to live out of 30 international cities, says the consulting firm PwC.

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