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Lucalex is specialized in helping foreign businesses establish their companies in Canada. We operate in all provinces and offer services in both English and Portuguese.

Access our network through warm referrals to estimate the size of the market, and understand your competitive position.

Understand how you should reach clients, what requirements you need to meet, marketing practices and your clients' buying process.

Learn about financial benchmarks, terms of payment, financing options, and mitigation tools for credit and liability risks.

We guide you through the Canadian legal requirements, contract negotiations, the tax environment and accounting.

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Marcelo Andrade

Managing Director

Katherine Padilla

Operations Officer

Demerson Neves

Project Coordinator

What Our Clients Say

  • Lucalex was able to provide us with a realistic scenario of what to expect and with the options that PETRA can purse to be successful within the Canadian market. All this thanks to Lucalex‚Äôs deep knowledge of the Canadian business culture, its understanding of the network and services that are fundamental for a company to operate in Canada.

  • Lucalex and Marcelo welcomed us and helped us materialize our dream of internationalizing our business, something that seemed impossible to us came true.

  • Their comprehensive knowledge of the Canadian market, the difficulties and challenges associated with internationalization and their relationship with many local ecosystems, along with their efficiency during the evaluation process, provided us more assurance and confidence to do business in Canada.